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Make your Cover Letter Stand-out

A well designed resume would definitely grab a recruiters’ attention; but is it enough to make your profile stand-out? I believe it’s not. And here is the reason why!

There are numerous websites and platforms that offer candidates to choose from 100s of beautiful templates, most of them, free. However, since it is free and online, thus it is available to all. Because of which your resume is likely to be similar to many other applicants. But just a beautifully designed resume isn’t enough.

A powerful structured cover letter attached with your resume will set you apart. The purpose of a #coverletter is to interest the employer or recruiter in reading your resume thoroughly. Here are some expert tips on how to create a powerful and attractive cover letter.

1) Keep it short-

Nobody has time to read your biography. So, keep it short, crisp and to the point. Your cover letter should fit in one page and should not be more than 3-4 paragraphs. Also, to keep in mind, that some companies uses #ATS (Applicants Tracking System) wherein, cover letter or applications are only accommodated up to only a certain length.

2) Do not copy contents of your resume-

A cover letter is a customized application in which the applicant expresses interest in a specific job position or company. Thus, you need to demonstrate who as a person you are and why the company should hire you.

3) Mention the most important skills, abilities and experience relevant to the position you’re applying for.

4) Avoid grammatical and typo-error. Read your letter thoroughly before you share it with the recruiters.

5) Make sure you end your cover letter by choosing an appropriate and professional closing salutation followed by your signature.

That’s it! That’s all you need to design your perfect cover letter to stand out.

If you wish to talk to us for ##career #guidance or need expert advice, or want help to design a perfect cover letter and resume, reach-out to us at

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